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Schwarzenegger Trump and Un Terminator

California actor, entrepreneur, bodybuilder and former governor  Arnold Schwarzenegger claims that  Donald Trump is "a Terminator"  because, in an interview with Efe, he wants to end California's environmental laws and  "end all progress and with any kind of hope for the future. "

The actor, who is  in Barcelona for the Arnold Classic Europe,  a bodybuilding and methandienone 10mg kaufen fitness championship this weekend at the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, is a strong advocate of the environment and has reproached the presidents their lack of  'will and courage' to deal with the current climate crisis.

Despite being a Republican, Schwarzenegger (Thal, 1947) has strongly criticized Trump, who recently revoked a federal permit that allowed California to have its own standards on pollutant emissions, and ruled,  "We need to get rid of 'he as soon as possible.'

"What he is doing is criminal!" Exclaims Schwarzenegger,  who in addition to lamenting Trump's decision to force California to lower its pollution limits has also criticized federal environmental policies: "They are getting rid  of environmental laws and regulations  that were approved by the previous presidents. "

The former governor has stated that California's "harsh environmental laws", which have reduced emissions of pollutants and boosted renewable energy, are a  "successful example"  for everyone, and they have been considered incompatible with economic growth as the state alone is currently the fifth largest economic power in the world, behind the United States, China, Japan and Germany.

"They are politicizing the problem by saying that it is a matter of left or right. It's a foolish thing, "says the actor, who praises the climate mobilizations for young people around the world, who, he predicts, will suffer" the many mistakes that are being made now. "

"The old men who created this problem will die in 30 or 40 years, but  these children will inherit a fucked-up planet , " he said.

The former governor has been highly  critical of world leaders  for not acting as "true public servants" and "doing nothing", despite the fact that "the population is asking for action against pollution".

For Schwarzenegger, politicians "are stagnant in their ideologies, they lie, they do not live up to their promises, they are cheating and threatening oil companies".

New movie

In addition to promoting the Arnold Classic Europe, Schwarzenegger has also released its latest film, Terminator: Dark Destiny, in Barcelona, the sixth installment in the series.

"I'm really proud of it, I think we've done a great job," she says of her new film.

The former governor has acknowledged his  love for Barcelona and Spain,  where the fitness event is celebrated for the ninth year, and says he would steroide kaufen legal "love" to shoot a movie here.

"I already did one in the eighties, 'Conan the Barbarian', but it would be great to do another one. The locations are great, they have a lot to offer, "says the popular actor.

In his defense of a "healthy planet", the actor claims his "fitness movement", which he has taken to Barcelona for a few days to promote healthy habits and has claimed the inclusivity of sports: "In bodybuilding and weightlifting, a burden weighs the same whether you are rich or poor, young or old, Muslim, Catholic or Jewish; is the good of sports, everyone equals, "he says.

Schwarzenegger Trump and Un Terminator

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